SSSTP(SAT SOFTWARE SOLUTION) provides you the best brokerage software, as broker needs a fast software that makes all accounting and record everything like client details with party names also cover more profit while managing carrier base information. Now you get the right tool for your product to managing and controlling so that you gain more profit and keep track of your money flow.Brokerage software from SSSTP helps you manage all carriers at once, monitor the spot markets with you can cover more loads faster and much more profit.

Features Of SSSTP Brokerage Software

FIrst you can do full client registration and account creation of all your clients/customers.Also all orders and trade management full with everything under control so that you can look into anything in your business anytime.We provide you the access to all banking analysis and full customer information record saving as you act an admin here with your own choosed username and password to get control of everything.You can also do multiple data export with full prints out, and also export as excel,pdf formats.Get under control of all commission distrbustion and discount calculations here.

Benefits Of Using SSSTP Brokerage Software

As you act as the third party logistics providers in market and your work management must be good if you want to tackle the increasing competition in market. It is very easy for you now with this product.

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