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SAT SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS established a leading software development company gives you the oppertunity to gain control on payroll and cash flow in your business. Now we have more than 5 years of experinece in software field. As money matters everywhere, your accountancy improved by using the best products that we provided plus you can control everything sitting from anywhere. We provide our all clients a great oppertunity to control all their tasks and see everything what is going on everywhere.We have solutions for all small business enterprises(SME) full financial visibility like manually entering book keeping,payrools and autoenrolments.

As every business is different and their working is also different that is why SAT SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS provide a variety of acccounting software so that maximum SME can conver in this like we provide Accounting software, transport software for all transporters, fleet management software for all fleet owners,Billing Software for all small business.

Our Services


Online Billing Software

Always keep track or aware of what is happening with the money flow so that you always get the right picture.Here we come in this provide you online billing software so that you get the right picture and always be informed about the money flowing in your business.


Online Accounting Software

Make money and stop burning your cash use SAT SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS best product online accouting software designed in a way that you can check out your money flow. No dependancy on book keepers or accountants just eberything is in your phone or laptop.


Website Designing And Promotions

SAT SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS also provides you the services of website designing and promotions like call us to build a business website for your business a dynamic website. We are capable to design every kind of business websites dynamic and static

Our Motive And Promises


Easy And Fast Working

This is the best feature of our product that it is very easy to use and work. Anyone who knows computers can easily work on our accounting software. Here you can mantain your own records all your products details their prices. We provide here is a blinking icon on your home screen which pops up messages like your tax date.


Full Secure

This Billing Software is designes in a way that you never have to be worry about your security, you are given a user name and password so that only you can get access to all your business working. You can assign different user name and passwords to your branches like you become master and other are your assigned user name and password to fill all the information.


Runs on every Platform

Relaible to run on any platform like windows,android,Mac means you can use it on computers, laptops, mobiles, even all on apple phones it is very fast on all platforms.

Best Features

Track Day To Day Expances

Track your business day to day expance track where is your money flowing where your business growth going.Attach your scanned receipts and create the print our for bills and salries and save all of them here.Track your payments, your payee details and everything.

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